It’s yOU tO tHe reScUe

Every year, RSPCA receives 56,000 reports of animals in danger across the country. Run, walk or roll 56km from
18-31 October to run to their rescue with our Inspectors.


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2. rAISE FUndS

Tell your friends, family and colleagues you’re raising funds to save animals from cruelty.

3. rUn WITH IT

Ready, set, run to the rescue! Run, walk or roll 56km from 18 - 31 October.

OUr rescUes

“As an Inspector, you see some horrific cases of mistreatment and neglect, but nothing prepared me for when I met Tilly. She was so thin that it took all her energy to wag her tail. But that’s exactly what she did when I approached her. Day by day – with a lot of care – Tilly’s fur started to recover, and now she’s a happy smiling pup with a beautiful coat and temperament to match.”

– Inspector James, RSPCA NSW


People running to the rescue in 2023

$13,553 raised

$13,553 raised

  • Ellie Doheny just donated $63
  • Angelo Thomas just donated $21.10
  • David Milstein just donated $37.98
  • Nicola just donated $105.50
  • Anonymous just donated $21.10
  • Rozeena Sharma just donated $10.55
  • Zubin Zubin just donated $10.55
  • Sarah Berghofer just donated $201
  • Robyn just donated $56
  • Josh Ryan just donated $57.20
  • Jo just donated $56
  • Tracey Ferreira just donated $107.61
  • Trudy just donated $26.38
  • Niki Anstiss just donated $37.98
  • Limoza Nuri just donated $37.98
  • Jen Fabri just donated $21.10
  • Melissa Presnall just donated $37.98
  • Lyla, Rosie, Carl, John and Molly just donated $100
  • Kirstin Gault just donated $37.98
  • Kyle Berean just donated $58.02

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