Rescue Run

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Every day in NSW, 67 animals experience cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

RSPCA’s inspectors come to the rescue, offering a new chance for a life filled with the love and care all animals deserve.

We're running to the rescue from October 18-31, to help RSPCA’s incredible inspectors save more animals from cruelty. With your help, RSPCA’s inspectors can rescue all these creatures great and small!

Please suppawt us by making a tax-deductible donation to our fundraising page for RSPCA NSW.

Together we can run to the rescue – are you ready?

Thank you so much!

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Richard Keit



Smash it mate.


Darren Furlotte

Great Cause and should be an equally great effort!!


Kay Keit


Matt Leese

Great stuff mate - I need the pics of you in lycra (Actually, no, I don't!)


Michael Keit

Good luck and enjoy the ride


Yury El Capitain



Great work!!


Stoyan Shopov

Good on you Richard! That's a very worthy cause.


Hamish Ridland


Mahesh Aswani

i want to see at least 7kms of that 67 in a run




Joe Murphy

This is a really good cause. Good luck with the 67k roll!


Rohan Sharma

Good stuff mate!


Jd & Pras

Hey we accidentally deleted all of production


Richard Keit


Olivia And Azalea!



Shane Beck

Good effort mate!