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I'm running to the rescue!

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

So, I’d like to take a minute

Going back to my birth

I’ll tell you how I became the prince, of a place called West Perth.


Left to my own devices in the Southwest locale,

Just little ol’ me and my fellow goat pal 1,

I hadn’t been clipped in years

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not vain 2

But the weight of my matted coat, meant every movement brought pain.


Finally, I was reported to RSPCA

Inspector Genna was now on her way

Rotten teeth were removed

Ear infections finally treated

They even took my manhood away; yeah – my balls were deleted!


The hoomans at RSPCA saw my potential

Aware that behavioural training was definitely essential

A week or so later

With patience and dedication

I realized that these hoomans were helping with my emancipation!


Behaviour improving but anxiety sparking

It’s hard to relax with the other rescue dogs’ barking

I was used to peace and quiet

My goat mate didn’t bleat

Not sure if that was by choice, or he knew he’d get beat.


Whilst coming to terms with my sleek new style

A couple came by after seeing my online profile

Not long after meeting

They asked me to join their pack

“I found my forever home, sniff youse later!”, and I’ve never looked back


We’ve had our problems, it’s not always been easy

Some people told my pawrents to go and return me

Because I’m pretty stubborn

it took a while for me to start trusting

You’ve got to be patient while a rescue’s adjusting.


Now I live a life of praise and belly rubs,

Heated blankets and visits to our local pub

Water to drink

Breakfast and dinner; I eat every crumb

Sleep-ins in the morning and snuggles with my Mum.


It’s a constant work in progress, a rescue dog is not for everyone,

It requires a special love and understanding to undo the damage a previous owner has done

But if you can find it in your heart,

It’s worth it in the end,

Because nothing compares to the love, of a four-legged best friend.


1.     We cannot confirm that Bandit and the goat were in fact friends.

2.     Things have changed.


Read about Bandit’s story here: https://www.rspcaguardianangel.com.au/bandit


Every year, RSPCA receives 56,000 reports of animals in danger.

RSPCA’s inspectors come to the rescue, offering a new chance for a life filled with the love and care all animals deserve.

I’m running to the rescue from 18-31 October to help RSPCA’s incredible inspectors save more animals from cruelty. With your help, RSPCA’s inspectors can rescue all these creatures great and small!

Please suppawt me by making a tax-deductible donation to my fundraising page. Every dollar raised will help keep more kittens, puppies, farm animals and wildlife safe.

Together we can run to the rescue – are you ready?
Thank you so much!

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No drinking woman


Peter Saunders

good luck !


Karen Richardson

Happy to help Mum and Archie xx




Peter & Katie Richardson

What a poet! And what a story. A great cause, well done Louise & George


Ann Kane

No pawsing in your Rescue Run! We have total faith that you will be the leader of the pack! Great cause. Best of luck, The Kanes x


Tim Geddes


Britt Johnston



Lesley French


Peter Collins


Lisa Mcadam


Michelle Burford


Polly Harrison



Marian Plunkett Wong

Well done Louise


Cathie Inkpen

Good on you Louise! Great cause!


Nick Shah

All the best with the 56kms (Bonus points if you do it sober) 😅


Sarah Forster


Nicole Mclean

Go Louise and Bandit!


Barrie Smith


Nicole Thuijs

rUNners tO the rescUe!


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