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I'm raising funds for those who can't raise their own

Every day in NSW, 67 animals experience cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

RSPCA’s inspectors come to the rescue, offering a new chance for a life filled with the love and care all animals deserve.

I’m running to the rescue from October 18-31, to help RSPCA’s incredible inspectors save more animals from cruelty. With your help, RSPCA’s inspectors can rescue all these creatures great and small!

Please suppawt me by making a tax-deductible donation to my fundraising page for RSPCA NSW.

Together we can run to the rescue – are you ready?

Thank you so much!

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James Baldwin


Claire Baldwin


Bron Steel

My love to you and Kenny for making this trek to raise awareness and funding to prevent animal cruelty.



CCL doing a resue run... who would have thunk it


Paul Wanis

You're a Superstar, Sis!


Paul Moggach

On, On! Love your work, Claire. Thanks for your passion and commitment.



Goon on ya Toobs and kenny


Amanda Fox

It makes me so happy that there are people like you in the world taking care and looking out for our furry friends.


Steve &pam

Wonderful challenge.


Shane Holland

Well done Claire & Kenny


Dylan Pearse & Qi Wen

Why aren't you also walking the cats?? :P


Clare Baldwin

Kenny will definitely be up for this challenge & well done to you for doing this for the animals, very proud of you.


Beatrice Forbes



Peter Dempsey


Virginia Dempsey

As you know animal welfare is close to my heart Claire, so happy to help x


Kiara And Kieran Mccrory

So proud of you and Kenny! Love your heart. Love your face. 😊 Go you good thing!! 👏👏👏


Ann Dempsey

All the best to you and Kenny on your special adventure love mum



Great stuff sis 🙏🏽


Alex Hamilton

Good luck!


Eli Beer

Thank you for helping all the animals .