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I'm running to the rescue!

Every year, RSPCA receives 56,000 reports of animals in danger.

RSPCA’s inspectors come to the rescue, offering a new chance for a life filled with the love and care all animals deserve.

I’m running to the rescue from 18-31 October to help RSPCA’s incredible inspectors save more animals from cruelty. With your help, RSPCA’s inspectors can rescue all these creatures great and small!

Please suppawt me by making a tax-deductible donation to my fundraising page. Every dollar raised will help keep more kittens, puppies, farm animals and wildlife safe.

I’m running to honour my rescue dogs Blaze and Tess who both lived long and happy lives after being rescued by the RSPCA and looking to raise $1000 to help with their great work. Will you help?

Thank you so much!

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Jess Barron


Brad Allen


Matin Mastypour

Cheering for you Brad! What a great cause.


Mika Yamada

rUNners tO the rescUe!


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