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Rescue Run

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Every day in NSW, 67 animals experience cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

RSPCA’s inspectors come to the rescue, offering a new chance for a life filled with the love and care all animals deserve.

We're running to the rescue from October 18-31, to help RSPCA’s incredible inspectors save more animals from cruelty. With your help, RSPCA’s inspectors can rescue all these creatures great and small!

Please suppawt us by making a tax-deductible donation to our fundraising page for RSPCA NSW.

Together we can run to the rescue – are you ready?

Thank you so much!

Thank you to our Sponsors




Matt Clark


Rachel Naylor


Jake Tesoriero

🐶 ❤️


Stanley Gray

Yasssss team! All the lil no babies deserve all the love we can give!!!


Cat Noble

I’m so proud of you girls! Every animal deserves love and a home!


Trina And Steve Jones

Go Team Mo Mo!! Love you all ❤️🥰 🐶


Malachi And Sunny


Luisa Maguire

Too easy for you Em


Daniel Kolarik



Ryan Stewart

Just don’t run behind any cars. Wouldn’t want you to get exhausted.


Irene & Stephen Chisholm

Thank you for helping animals in need


Natalie Pigott

Thank you girls for doing your bit to help doggos in need!


Favourite Aunty

Rescue dogs are the best!!


Kelsey Robinson

All the woof woofs thank you xx


Summer Ross-young


Em Maguire


Ashleigh Gray



Megan Naylor


Woody Roberts

Your doing a great thing for a great cause guys, love it 🤙


Sarah Speechley

Good humans plus ++


Lisa Ashby

Get it gurl!


Jamie Bailey

Good on you guys !



For the doggies!


Mel Higgins

One day we’ll adopt all the doggos ❤️